Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So True To HIS Word

I have such a testimony to share today, although I'm a day late and because of life around me I have only a short, sweet, condensed version to give!


I asked the Lord to teach me to pray, and this journey with Warrior Prayers for the last 21 or so days has been a blessing more than I can give words to. 

In the midst of this, we've had joys and sorrows.  We've had loss and deep disappointment.  I've been afraid.  I've been confused.  My faith was shaken, really shaken to the core.  I've carried sorrows I'm unable to share.  I've journeyed through the valleys of a loved one's death.  My HUSBAND ALMOST LOST HIS LIFE HERE ON THIS EARTH.  My Mama walked out on my children and me.  My sister betrayed this family.  We continue to fight for a child we love.  I have found a lump where a lump does not need to be in my body.  Joy.  Sorrow.  Pain.  Fear.

Then God revealed Himself SO LOUD, SO CLEAR, AND SO ABUNDANTLY to remind me and TEACH to really pray for this family.  Like Brooke shared in her conclusion....I didn't expect this calling.  But we are here and I SHOUT PRAISES to the Lord tonight.  Praises and thanks.  In the midst of my deepest pain, I opened a grey tattered binder to show my husband what I had been working on while he had been away at work.  The same husband who only came home to us by the grace of God.  The same husband whom God had laid on my heart to also cover deeply and completely with scriptures in prayer recently. 

With the tears that night, we saw God's grace.  We felt His provision.  He gave us the gift of seeing in my own handwriting just where and what scriptures He had led me to pray over my husband, my son, my entire family.  That faith.....the faith that was so shaken only minutes before, was renewed. 

And I remember each time a worry, a fear, an irritation, or a burden creeps upon my mind.....that I am not my own.  My family is not my own.  No....we belong to Him.  I will always fall short and therefore need my Lord and Savior even to serve those I love in the simplest way.  So I am reminded further why I need the Lord to even teach me to pray....because I alone could never be good enough for them and what they deserve.

Only through the love of Christ, the power of God's word, and the Grace He's abundantly showered this family we stand today! 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Brooke over at Warrior Prayers!  For me this isn't the end of this journey, only the beginning!  We had left on vacation so I had just grabbed extra copies of several days worth of my prayers and the book.....then I came home last night and opened up my original Warrior Prayers book....and I'm so sad to see it come to a close.  The changes, the lessons, your sharing, and above all, using SCRIPTURE to cover my family in prayer......I thank you for letting God use you to help me see the power in doing that for them!  I can only say PRAISE GOD, and thank you for your obedience!

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