Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Hope Inside Her Heart

Tonight I miss my husband.  Tomorrow my friend buries hers.  Can I really follow that sentence with any words that will matter in comparison?  I went to visitation tonight and I couldn't find my footing.  My heart was unable to gain solid ground.

My friend....her heart was hidden tonight.  Hidden behind beauty, grace, busyness.  She couldn't stand still.  That's okay.  We talked last night, we prayed.  Tonight, she went through the motions. 

She has a ministering heart.  To love the Lord, to serve to the Lord, is to have hope amidst the crises.  To know that every tear, every ounce of confusion, every angry bout of not having understanding......He's counted them all, He's loved before it's happened, and His love will continue to hold her in the days to come.  Hope.  With hope, it's okay to not really be okay.

Closer to our Lord.  Further from the things of this world.  Our God.  His word.  My family.  His ways.  Beyond that, I have no solid ground.  My heart still can't find it's footing.  His love will carry me through the night.  The rest will be here in the morning. 

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